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Foraha Carrier Oil Refined (Tamanu), Madagascar
Foraha Carrier Oil Refined (Tamanu), Madagascar
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Name        Foraha Oil, (Tamanu)

Category  Carrier Oils

Species   Calophyllum inophyllum

Part           Fruit

Method     Cold Pressed

Class        Fatty Acid Triglyceride

Country     Madagascar

Code        CalIno2

Foraha Oil, (Tamanu), Madagascar - refined, is less thick and lighter color than the non-refined oil and is also typically green, dark, and milky. Color variations do occur. Our fresh material was harvested from Madagascar's West Coast and has a Khaki color due to less rain. The decrease in rain results in a Khaki Foraha shell, thus the color variation. Increased rainfall produces a green Foraha shell and accompany darker, greener oil indicative of the material we normally resource from North East Madagascar.
 When filtered the oil will be golden. It has an under appreciated vegetable scent although its other properties provide its appeal. Foraha is luxuriant and moist. It smoothes and softens the skin without leaving a residue because it readily absorbs. It makes an exceptional carrier oil.
The botanical name Calophyllum Inophyllum is derived from the Greek, Kalos meaning beautiful and Phullon meaning leaf. It is also known as Indian Laurel, Alexandrin Laurel and Tamanu. In Samo it is called Fetau, and Penaga Laut in Malaysia. Hawaiians call it Kamani or Kamanu. In Madagascar of course, it is Foraha.
Scientists have taken special interest in Foraha. Studies done in 1998 at University of Sherbrooke in Canada analyzed Foraha and determined coumarin in the oil contained two compounds, calanolide A and calanolide B that other studies concluded were useful against HIV. Trying to inhibit the Epstein-Barr virus scientists in Japan studied several 4-phenylcoumarins taken from Foraha. They concluded calocumarin-A, produced positive results. Charles Darwin referred to Foraha in an article he penned in 1855 titled "Does Seawater Kill Seeds?" Soapers can use Foraha to add moisturizing characteristics to their products. 

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