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Basil Essential Oil - ct. Methyl Chavicol USA | AEO Essential Oil Co. Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol, USA
Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol | Alabama Essential Oils

Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol | Alabama Essential Oils

Decongestant, Lungs, Prostate, etc.
Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol | Alabama Essential Oils
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Name        Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol, USA

Category   Essential Oils

Species    Ocimum basilicum 

Part           Leaf

Method     Steam Distillation

Class         Phenolic Ether

Country     USA

Code         OciBas2 

Basil Essential Oil, ct. methyl chavicol, USA

Basil essential oil, ct. methyl chavicol, USA high notes are decidedly herbal if not somewhat harsh.  There is however a sweetness due to the natural occurrence of the estragole, methyl chavicol.  This type of Basil is useful in blends calling for sweet basil, with discretion.  Experts do not recommend it as a substitute, however, but as a supplement.

Key Constituents:

Methyl Chavicol (estragol) [75-80%]

Linalol [1-5%]

1,8 Cineol (Eucalyptol) [1-5%]

Methyl Eugenol [1-5%]

Action:  Basil is a powerful antispasmodic, is anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, a decongestant (veins, arteries of the lungs, prostate), and is antibacterial.

Traditional Uses:  Used extensively in traditional Asian medicine, basil's name is derived from "basileum," the Greek name for "king."  In the 16th century, the powdered leaves were inhaled to treat migraines and chest infections.

Indications:  Migraines, mental fatigue, and scanty menstrual periods.

Other Uses:  Basil is relaxing to both striated and smooth muscles, soothing for insect bites, and stimulating to the sense of smell.  Basil oil may help bronchitis and chest infections.

Application:  Apply to tip of the nose, on the temples, and on the location of stings and bites.  For mental fatigue, inhale first, then apply to the crown of the head, the forehead, the heart, and the naval.  Basil may also be added to food or water as a dietary supplement.

Safety Data:  If pregnant or under a doctor's care, consult your physician.  Do not use if epileptic.  Skin test for sensitivity.

Companion Oils:  Bergamot oil, wintergreen oil or birch oil, cypress oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, and marjoram oil.  

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Free Shipping Notification.

Essential Oils Safety & Disclaimer:
This information is for educational purpose only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose and disease or condition.  Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way.  This information is for educational purpose only and may not be complete, nor may its data be accurate.  
As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted.  Do not take internally unless working with a qualified and expert practitioner.  Keep away from children.  If applying an essential oil to your skin always perform a small patch test to an insensitive part of the body (after you have properly diluted the oil in an appropriate carrier.  
These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Please consult a health care professional if you are pregnant or have any serious medical conditions. 
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